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Kazuki James

A writer, producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Manchester. After years working and touring as a guitarist as well as live sound engineer, he also writes and self-produces his own music in his studio. The music is instrumental, combining several genres to create a sophisticated overall sound that is difficult to pigeonhole. He incorporates elements of classical, electronica and rock to create a unique fusion.

Kaz works at home slowly building up material for many sources to piece together his songs for his current studio project, Resistance.

Over the cause of two years he has painstakingly arranged the tracks for his debut album. He has formed a virtual band for his project. Piecing together performances from musicians across the world. A musical experiment  made possible by the internet and social networking allowing musicians to exchange musical ideas link never before.





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Music On YouTube

Kazuki’s music in videos and sneek peaks at the Resistance recording project.

Albert Kenedy Project

A special cover of Thinking Out Loud with music video by Daniel James. Dedicated to the Albert Kennedy Trust.